Show Your Valentine Some Love with the Gift of Preparedness

Show Your Valentine Some Love with the Gift of Preparedness

With Valentine's Day coming up on Thursday, February 14, our thoughts turn to how to look after our loved ones, especially during winter storms with strong winds, snow/heavy rain and power outages.  The City of Nanaimo has put together some great resources to help us prepare our families for any type of disaster.  Check out the link here: Preparedness tips from the City of Nanaimo.

Preparedness doesn't have to be complicated.  Sometimes sifting through the lists of things you need in your preparedness kit can seem overwhelming and complicated.  Keep things simple by focusing on having:

  1. rescue items
  2. a first aid kit
  3. survival supplies for at least 72 hours

Your survival items should include:

  • water (rations, bottled water, water purification tablets)
  • heat (blankets, warm clothing, survival candle)
  • light (flashlight, emergency lightsticks)

Once you have these items pulled together, you can add food, a wind-up radio, supplies for pets, sanitation items, shelter items, etc.

The F.A.S.T. emergency kits are pre-made and ready to go - a perfect gift for the Valentine who has everything!  Check them out here.  For free shipping until February 14, use the discount code FREESHIP.

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