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1 Person | Basic 72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit | Emergency Preparedness
F.A.S.T. Limited

Basic Emergency Survival Kit (EKIT1070) for 72 hours

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Product Code: EKIT1070 

This compact light weight kit  is designed to sustain one person for 72 hours. Ideal for your desk at work or to carry with you outdoors in your back pack to prepare for unexpected situations.

The Basic Emergency Kit helps you to:
• respond immediately to an emergency situation
• provide simple first aid
• provide light in the event of power failure

Content List

1          F.A.S.T. Emergency Food Ration (3600 Cal) 
9          F.A.S.T. Emergency Water Rations (125 ml) 
1          3M-brand N95 Particulate Respirator 
1          Emergency Foil Blanket 
2          Emergency Lightstick 12 hour (green)
2          Toilet Tissue Roll 
1          Signal Whistle  SOLAS
2          Sanitary Napkins
3          BZK Chloride Wipes

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