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Car or Vehicle 72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit
F.A.S.T. Limited

Vehicle Emergency Survival Kit (EKIT1816)

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Item Code: EKIT1816
This survival kit is ideal should you be stranded in your vehicle. This kit, designed by a winter survival expert at BC Hydro will easily fit in the passenger compartment of your car and contains items necessary for survival for one person for 72 hours.

Content List 

1         F.A.S.T. Emergency Food Ration  
9         F.A.S.T. Emergency Water Rations  
3         Hot Chocolate (pkg)  
3         Tea Bags  
2         Personal Toilet Tissue   
1         Emergency Foil Blanket   
2         Emergency Lightsticks   
1         36-Hour Candle   
1         Waterproof Matches (box)   
1         Garbage Bag   
1         Emergency "HELP" Shelter   
1         Signal Whistle   
1         Flashlight "Mini-Maglight"   
2         Batteries Alkaline "AA" (for flashlight)   
1         Instant Hand Warmer (2/pk)   
1         Multi-Blade Knife   
1        Sierra Cup  
1        First Aid Booklet   
1        Triangular Bandage   
4        Adhesive Strips   
1        Fingertip Dressing   
1        Knuckle Dressing   
6        BZK Antiseptic Wipes   
1        Gauze Sponge (sterile) 2/pkg 3"x3"   
1        Pressure Dressing (sterile) 4"x6"  

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