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Corporate Emergency Kits

Corporate Emergency Preparedness

Prepare your business for any emergency with our corporate emergency kits.  Supplies include Rescue kits, Survival First Aid kits and Food/Water/Survival Support kits (for 72 hours).  Securely store the emergency kits in 14 gauge steel cabinets.

Please call 1-888-710-3278 or email us for more information.double door emergency cabinetdouble door emergency cabinet 

Rescue Kit (EKIT1010):

Contents in the yellow carry bag are used for light urban search & rescue for up to 50 persons.  Includes hard hats, safety goggles, emergency foil blankets, waterproof matches, duct tape, rope, pry bar, wind-up radio, flashlights and a whistle.

Food/Water/Survival Support Kit (EKIT1020):

Contents in the blue carry bag provide emergency drinking water, food and basic survival supplies such as candles, foil blankets, light sticks and storm shelters.  Each kit contains supplies for 5 persons for 72 hours.

Survival First Aid Kit (EKIT1030):

Contents in the red carry bag provide basic survival first aid supplies for 1-25 persons.  Includes an assortment of sterile bandages, gauze, splinter forceps, universal scissors, eyestream and much more.

Emergency Cabinet Features:

  • 1-door or 2-door cabinets available.
  • 14 gauge C/R molded steel with white powder coat epoxy finish.
  • Door fitted with spring-loaded pin hinge for easy removal.
  • Glass key box on front door with extra key.
  • 4 shelves giving 10” clearance height.
  • Door decaled with “EMERGENCY SUPPLIES”.
  • Does not need to be affixed to walls - can stand alone.
  • Designed to hold emergency supplies (not included). EKIT1010, EKIT1020, EKIT1030.

If you already have corporate emergency supplies and are needing replacement modules (EKIT1010RPL, EKIT1020RPL and EKIT1030RPL), please call us at 1-888-710-3278 or email us at