Production Worker - Automatic Gerber Cutter and Spreader (Day Shift)

Reports to: Production Supervisor


The Production Worker – Automatic Gerber Cutter and Spreader carries out production activities related to the spreading and automatic cutting of materials such as polyester, poly-cotton, nylon and polyethylene, as directed by the Production Supervisor. All tasks must adhere to predefined quality standards while meeting daily production targets.


• Good basic production skills with the ability to handle automatic spreading and cutting operations. Experience operating Gerber cutting and spreading equipment is an advantage.

• Ability to follow the standard operating and safety procedures related to the Gerber cutting and spreading processes and applications and meet appropriate quality standards in the cutting of raw materials.

• Able to follow proper safety procedures associated with the machinery, including but not limited to: safety guards, emergency stops and disconnect at end of shift. Maintain a clean and safe workspace. Follow all Safety Regulations and report all hazards, injuries and incidents (including near-misses) to the supervisor immediately.

• Ensure proper operation of the Gerber spreading and cutting machines by cleaning, and testing the machine at start of each shift or after any repair of the machine to ensure the machine is maintained and runs efficiently.

• Support all associated sewing operations and cross-train when required for other production tasks to support overall team performance.

• Committed to meet quality standards; handle raw materials carefully to ensure quality of finished goods. 

• Follow work instructions given by Supervisors and respect Supervisors’ authority. The Supervisor is responsible for assigning individuals to each cohort group and measuring and reporting daily performance of each group. Cooperate with lead hands and demonstrate a willingness to follow directions.

• Work as an effective team member within an assigned cohort group supporting team efforts to meet daily production targets.

• Strong attention to detail with an ability to detect and report flaws in the raw materials or equipment is that is malfunctioning. 

• Desire to learn new skills and take on new tasks as required.

• Thrives in a work environment where individual performance is measured and improvement is acknowledged.

• Good work ethic, honest, patient, reliable and careful.

• Ability to work in a self-sufficient work environment.

• Flexibility with ability to adapt in a changing work environment.


• Previous experience using automatic cutting and spreading machines.

• Ability to work on a standard 40-hour work week

• Good physical fitness and endurance with physical strength for lifting bolts of material or polyethylene (35 – 50 lbs)

• Steady concentration on activities using production equipment

• Ability to communicate and understand verbal and written English, including work instructions and techniques

• Adhering to F.A.S.T. occupational health and safety policies and procedures, including COVID-19 protocols

Status: full-time position

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