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Incident Command (ICS) Vests - Colour Coded

EOC IMS ICS Incident Command Vest | Colour Coded |Emergency Management | Front

Product Code: VEST1017.5 or VEST1017


  • 1 Vest (VEST 1017 - heavy-duty mesh) or (VEST 1017 5 - poly-cotton) c/w pockets (colour-coded)
  • Mylar ID pockets front and back to hold slide-in cards for the ICS/EOC role
  • ICS/EOC titles included (printed on slide-in cards or permanently silk-screened onto the vests).  Customize the titles to best reflect your unique requirements.
  • Adjustable vertical hook-and-loop tape sides for easier sizing; can accommodate up to 12 additional inches per side
  • Reflective 3M higloss Scotchlite striping
  • Organizational logo available
  • ICS vest colours:  green, red, orange, blue, yellow & grey
  • Additional colors available (taupe, black, white) for Observer, Trainer, Scribe, etc.