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Incident Management Support Products

Multi-Purpose / Colour Coded Vests

Our vests are fully customizable and can reflect your organization’s brand by including your colours and or logo. They are suitable in an Incident Command structure or EOC, or for volunteer & identification purposes where there are large groups of people involved.  Click here to download a catalogue of our most popular products.


 Incident Command Kits (EKIT9000)            Incident Command Vests                       Incident Command vest 1134

Incident command vest 1025            Incident Command Vest 1132          identification vest1130          identification vest1185.5

Portable Emergency / Incident Management System

Set up your Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) using any of our organizational charts, tracking systems, or kits customized with your organization’s logo and/or colours. 

Incident command roles and responsibility holder             Incident Command mobile tracking system            mobile tracking system colour coded incident command             EOC dry-erase charts incident command

Reception Centre Kits

Prepare your Reception Centres to accommodate a large number of people who are displaced in an emergency situation. From blankets to signage, we have it all.
 EKIT1470         EKIT1476         SIGN1015       personal supplies kit          sleep centre kits

Emergency Preparedness & Traffic Management

 Emergency Cabinets             roadblock kit

 Rescue Gear

Rescue Team Gear - EKIT8000


Quality, custom manufactured sewn products are our specialty!

Don't see what you're looking for, or have special requirements for your products? 
We can help with that, too. All F.A.S.T. manufactured products can be customized to suit your needs. For information on the Ontario Incident Management System (IMS) products manufactured by F.A.S.T., please click here.

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Download a catalogue of our response & recovery products here. 

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