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ICS / IMS / Unified Command Identification Colour-Coded Vests

Our vests are fully customizable to reflect your organization’s brand by including your specific colours and or logo. They are suitable in an Incident Command structure (ICS), Unified Command, Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) or for volunteer & identification purposes where there are large groups of people involved.  For more information, additional vest styles are included in our product catalogue or by clicking on this link.





Portable Emergency / Incident Management System

Set up your Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) using any of our organizational charts, tracking systems, or kits customized with your organization’s logo and/or colours. 



Reception Centre Kits

Prepare your Reception Centres to accommodate a large number of people who are displaced in an emergency situation. From blankets to signage, we have it all.

Emergency Preparedness, Traffic Management & Rescue