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Our very first intern describes what it was like to work at F.A.S.T., offers advice to future students

February 23, 2015  |   By: Shirley Nand

Last Fall, we welcomed recent graduate of Vancouver Career College (VCC), Nick Murthi, to complete a practicum term with F.A.S.T. Nick graduated from the Business Administration Management program at VCC and has become an exceptional addition to the team. The skills and knowledge he acquired during the course of his studies helped him become a valuable asset to the production department and his positive attitude and sense of humour made him a pleasure work alongside.

Some of the projects that Nick was tasked with included managing and organizing information regarding product audits for clients, tracking and reporting production expenses and ensuring that no orders were overseen.

He believes that although his practicum was an entry-level role, each task that he was assigned to during his position was important to the overall structure and processes of successfully running a business. Additionally, Nick learned that although his educational and professional background was important to the position, a positive attitude is just as important and could go a long way. When tasked with jobs that were exclusive of his skill set, Nick discovered that his problem-solving skills would become advantageous and extremely useful to the position.

Although his practicum was only for a few weeks, Nick believes he gained much more practical, hands-on skills and real-world experience than he would have in the classroom. Nick advises students to have an open-mind when entering the workforce in order to explore their strengths and weaknesses in the field, “My advice to future practicum students is that when you completing your practicum, don’t be set on doing only what’s required in your program. The more you help around, the more knowledge you will gain - not just what you were taught in school, but also what you haven’t learned yet.”


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