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Level 3 F.A.S.T. Disposable Emergency Medical Isolation GOWN100C


Fast Disposable Emergency Medical Isolation Gown100C Level 3 & 4

Minimum order:  1 skid of 4800 isolation gowns.

This Level 3 Disposable Emergency Medical Isolation Gown is a full overlap back with long sleeves and ribbed cuff on both sleeves. Made of clear, silver-tinted polyethylene material with 1.5 MIL full gauge impervious film providing full coverage throughout the critical zone (entire gown). Each gown is individually packaged in a zip bag—two-year shelf life. Available Sizes: Medium GOWN100CM, Large GOWN100CL, Extra Large GOWN100CXL.

The F.A.S.T. Isolation Gown has been tested by Underwriters Laboratories of Canada Inc. and the CTT Group and meets the North American Standard for Level 3 (AATCC 42 and AATCC 127). The custom silver-tint polyethylene material has been tested to Level 4 (ASTM F1670 and ASTM F1671). Testing documentation available upon request.

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MADE IN CANADA! Manufactured by F.A.S.T. Limited in Delta, British Columbia as a Class 1 Medical Device (MDEL) #3951.


The silver-tint material is made with a biodegradable, flexible polyethylene with sustainability benefits. At the end of its life, the F.A.S.T. Disposable Emergency Medical Isolation Gown, can be converted to clean energy*. Every pound of discarded material could power a small electric vehicle for 12 km.

The biodegradable film used in the manufacture of F.A.S.T. isolation gowns has been shown to produce biogases 22 times faster than conventional plastic in the ideal conditions of an anaerobic digestor landfill over the course of 2.13 years, using the ASTM D5511-12 test.  When disposed of in a landfill with modern biogas capture technologies, this energy can be harnessed as a source of renewable energy.