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ESS Reception Centre Products & Signage

Prepare your Reception Centres to accommodate a large number of people who are displaced in an emergency situation. From blankets to signage, we have it all.  Please call us at 1-888-710-3278 or email if you have any questions!

 EKIT1470            EKIT1476               SIGN1015            personal supplies kit            sleep centre kits 

Additional support products include:

  • Disposable Sleeping Bags (washable)
  • Blankets
  • Portable Pillows (two styles)
  • Tyvek Hygienic Cot Covers (washable & recyclable)
  • Hygiene Kits (male/female/generic)
  • ICS/Identification Vests
  • Traffic Safety Vests
  • Gear Bags in a variety of sizes (for vests, blankets, sleeping bags, etc.)
  • Rubbermaid 90 litre Action Packers

Call us at 1-888-710-3278 or email for more information!

Other Emergency Management Products

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 FAST Incident Management / Command Customers