Happy Earth Day! Q&A - F.A.S.T. Emergency Food & Water Rations

Happy Earth Day!  Q&A - F.A.S.T. Emergency Food & Water Rations

In honour of Earth Day, we would like to answer some common questions regarding F.A.S.T.'s emergency food and water rations.

Q:  Where are F.A.S.T.'s emergency food and water rations made?

A:  We are thrilled to report that F.A.S.T.'s food and water rations are made in Delta, British Columbia, Canada!  We are the only company in Canada to manufacture the rations to Transport Canada certification.  Therefore, purchasing F.A.S.T.'s rations is a very "green" thing to do because they don't have to be transported from offshore or the United States.

Q:  How long do the rations last?

A:  The emergency food and water rations are manufactured with a 5 year shelf life.  This is a requirement of Transport Canada Certification.  The date of manufacture and date of expiry is stamped directly onto the packaging.  Our current food and water rations are manufactured in April 2019 with an expiry of April 2024.

Q:  My food and water rations have expired.  Now what do I do?

A:  You can purchase replacement modules with new emergency rations on our website at www.fastlimited.com.

Q:  Is it possible to recycle the food and water rations?

A.  The water rations can be frozen and re-purposed as ice packs or you can open the water and use it for your pets or plants.  If you open up the food ration  and remove the packaging, the food itself is compostable in your green bin. The composting facilities are also located in Delta, BC.

Any other questions for us?  Please email fast@fastlimited.com.  Thank you for helping to keep our Earth healthy for future generations!