Safety Sewn Apparel Services

Custom Design & Digital Pattern Making.

We provide a comprehensive solution for turning your design ideas into reality, all under one roof in Delta, BC. Our services include digital pattern makinggrading and marker making using Gerber Technology Systems v16 software. From your initial design concept to the final product, we have got you covered.

Design Consultation
  • Our team of experts at F.A.S.T. will assist you in creating the best design solutions. We offer services that include fabric sourcing, design consultation, and finding the most efficient way to bring your vision to life.


  • If you have physical patterns, we can convert them into digital format and make any necessary adjustments, markers, and grading.

Pattern Making

  • Our skilled pattern makers use reference samples, drawings, photos, specifications, and existing patterns to create new patterns in-house.


  • We use the Gerber V16 software and our skilled team to generate markers that maximize fabric yields and minimize material waste.


  • We can help determine a grading rule for your company by creating sizes specific to your target market. We use the most up-to-date Gerber Software to make grading fast and efficient.

Sample Sewing

  • After creating the pattern, a sample is sewn to test its fit and finishing.


  • Our team of experts can provide in-house fittings to help you achieve the perfect fit for your garments. This can lead to greater accuracy in alterations and reduce the need for multiple prototypes.


  • Our team of professionals will work with you to meet your goals. You can be confident that your product will be made locally and ethically every time.

Technical Design

  • We create technical packages that include illustrations and specification sheets, with appropriate measurements for production and quality assurance.

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