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Heather Lyle: Everything's Under Control

Our world lost an amazing person this week:  Heather Lyle.  As the Executive Director, Planning Mitigation & Partnerships with Emergency Management British Columbia - Integrated Public Safety (EMBCIPS).

This YouTube video, produced in 2016 when Heather was nominated for the British Columbia's Premier's award for Excellence, says it all:

Published on YouTube, September 15, 2016, the description of the video states:   "Heather Lyle is one of the most influential emergency management leaders in Canada. Her ability to translate a vision into action has had significant impact at the local, regional and provincial levels in B.C. She has been instrumental in expanding emergency management capacity in Metro Vancouver and the Capital Regional District. She has repeatedly demonstrated an exceptional ability to work in collaborative, multi-stakeholder situations, including leading emergency management preparedness for the 2010 Whistler Olympics and for unanticipated events such as major flooding in spring 2012. Heather excels in high stress, high -demand roles, like her month-long assignment as operations chief in the Provincial Regional Emergency Operation Centre in Kamloops during the summer of 2003 – one of B.C.’s worst fire seasons ever. Heather’s tireless efforts have greatly increased B.C.’s readiness for a major catastrophe, and contribute hugely (often in an unseen way) to the well-being of the province and its people."

Thank you Heather for your work and dedication.  You have helped to ensure #everythingisundercontrol.  You will be missed.


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