They fled the war in Syria. Today, they work at F.A.S.T.

They fled the war in Syria. Today, they work at F.A.S.T.

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Through partnership with MOSAIC, a B.C. charity that helps newcomers settle in Canada, the B.C. Alliance for Manufacturing has begun a pilot project to help provide jobs for Syrian refugees. The program focuses on integrating refugees into their new country, while boosting jobs in the industry at the same time.

For refugees like Hwichshan and Aldarwish, the work at F.A.S.T. is more than a job. It's a new lease on life after fleeing the six-year Syrian conflict, which has so far displaced over 11 million people.

F.A.S.T. Limited is proud to be a supporter of this pilot project. As a result, we are a proud employer of four Syrian refugees who have joined our team.

The B.C. Alliance for Manufacturing says over 50,000 manufacturing jobs will be opening up by 2025.


Read the latest article published by the National Observer in March, 2017.

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