Today is F.A.S.T.'s 30th Anniversary!

Today, July 19, 2018 marks 30 years of business for F.A.S.T. First Aid & Survival Technologies Limited.  Time flies!  Many of our employees have been with F.A.S.T. since the early years.  The company has been built on a solid foundation of mutual trust, loyalty, commitment to quality and customer service.  We have worked long hours to respond to disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, fires and terrorist events.  Our customers never cease to amaze us as we work hard to meet their needs.  F.A.S.T.'s custom-designed and specialty-manufactured products have been delivered to every continent in the world except Antarctica.  We still have it as our goal!

This afternoon, we are stopping the plant, gathering our employees off-site and celebrating 30 years of blood, sweat and tears; the ups and downs and the highs and lows of working together in business.  We will remember employees who are no longer here, Mike Rathod and Mike Fynn, and we will remember employees who worked with us for a time and then retired or moved on to other opportunities.  We will celebrate our work family of smart, fun and extremely talented people who have come from all corners of the globe to be here, with us, today.