We are Canadian!

It's Canada Day - a day to celebrate all that it means to be Canadian.  We are closed tomorrow, Monday, July 2, in honour of Canada Day which gives our employees a long weekend and time to spend with family and friends.  Many of our employees weren't born in Canada and they came to Canada for a variety of reasons.  We are privileged to have such great staff to work with every day!

Many people are working today and tomorrow, especially those who keep us safe:  fire fighters, police officers, coroners, doctors, nurses and Coast Guard personnel.  Many more are volunteers including search and rescue and other first responders.  These dedicated people give up time with their family and friends to help others in need.  They are our true heroes!

So as we think about all those things that make Canada wonderful, let us also remember those who continually give of themselves to take care of others.  Happy Canada Day!