Classroom Pack (EKIT1230)

Classroom Pack (EKIT1230)

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This is a Classroom Pack stored in each classroom to compliment the Principal Pack in the principal's office.  Each school would have one Principal Pack and one Classroom Pack in the Principal's office and one Classroom Pack per classroom.
These packs
  • contain first aid and survival items. 
  • are designed to store our emergency food and water rations (not included).
  • are portable and easily transported for quick evacuation.

Content List


Classroom Pack First Aid Kit (EKIT1220)

Collection of first aid supplies and equipment (Also available separately)


"D" cell Batteries

Long life Professional 'D' cells.  Alkaline.  For use with flashlight.



Provides backup light in the event of power failure.  2 long life 'D' cells alkaline batteries are provided with the kit.


Garbage Bags

Can be used as temporary rain gear and protection against the elements.  There are 29 black bags included for the students and 1 clear bag which clearly identifies the teacher.


Emergency Whistle SOLAS

Allows for communication during an emergency, especially if trapped in debris.


Dust Masks

Disposable masks for protection against non-toxic dust.


Toilet Tissue

Brand name bathroom tissue.  Safe for Sewer and Septic. Individually wrapped


Carry Bag

Water-resistant with webb handles.  Zipper closure. 

 Dimensions: 17"L x 9.5"W x 9"H