Field Trip First Aid Kit (EKIT1212) Backpack

Field Trip First Aid Kit (EKIT1212) Backpack

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This first aid kit was designed with schools in mind! Easy to carry backpack is perfect for daytrips or even lunchtime Duty Monitors

Content List

      Hospital Tape 1" x 5yd 
15      Adhesive Strips ¾” x 3” plastic 
      Butterfly closures 
      Telfa Pads 3" x 4" (sterile)
      Sanitary Napkins 
      Stretch Roller Gauze 2" x 5yds 
      Gauze Pads 2"x2" 5
      Tensor Bandage 3" x 5yds 
      Triangular Bandage (w/2pins) 
      Eye Wash (118 - 125 ml)
10      Sting Stop Wipes 
1         Scissors, Bandage (stainless steel 5 ½”) 
      Splinter Forceps (stainless steel 4 ½”) 
10      BZK Antiseptic Wipes 
10       Wet Nap Wipes 
       Medical Gloves, Large (Non-Latex) 
      Instant Cold Packs
      Accident Record Book 

Packed in a water-resistant backpack.