First Aid Kit (EKIT1359)

First Aid Kit (EKIT1359)

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Product Code: EKIT1359

Only the highest quality brand name components are used within F.A.S.T.’s first aid kits. The components of this kit were selected by industry specialists and based on SOLAS (Survival of Life at Sea) standards. 

Content List

  • 12      Adhesive Strips
  • 10      BZK Antiseptic Wipes     
  •       Adhesive Tape 1"x5yds 
  •       Stretch Roller Gauze (non-sterile) 2"x5yds           
  •       Pressure Dressings (sterile) 4"x4"             
  •       Sanitary Napkins              
  •       Triangular Bandages w/2 pins     
  •       Cool Jel Burn Treatment               
  •       First Aid Booklet               
  •       Pair Non-Latex Gloves      
  •       Universal Scissors            
  • 1        Splinter Forceps (stainless steel)               
  •       Instant Hand Warmer (2/pkg)    
  •       Waterproof Mylar Carry Bag w/zip closure