Principal Emergency Kit with Tools (EKIT1435T)

Principal Emergency Kit with Tools (EKIT1435T)

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Product Code: EKIT1435T

In the event of an emergency, immediate light search and rescue is crucial to the survival of your staff and students. Our Principal Pack contains the tools and first aid supplies necessary to aid in the rescue and treatment of trapped or injured people.

The Principal Pack helps you to:

  • respond immediately to an emergency situation
  • rescue trapped children and teachers
  • know how to react to an emergency using the included first aid manual
  • provide first aid to injured children and teachers
  • provide light in the event of power failure
  • break through windows, doors and walls
  • provide temporary support for fractured or injured limbs
  • keep mobile with the industrial strength bag

Content List

 1 Principal Pack First Aid Kit Collection of first aid supplies and equipment (Also available separately)
2 Flashlights Industrial Flashlights provide backup light in the event of power failure.  4 long life 'D' alkaline batteries are provided with the kit (2 per flashlight)
4 "D" cell Batteries Long life Professional alkaline
1 AM/FM Radio Keep informed on emergencies such as power blackouts, hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes.
4 Hard Hat complete with Chin Strap Weighing less than 12 oz., this hard hat is one of the lightest, most comfortable protective hats on the market.  High density polyethylene shell.  The chin strap holds your hard hat on your head when working in unconventional positions
2 Poly Rope 1/4" x 100' 100 foot length 1/4 in thick 100% polypropylene rope.  Resists rot, acid & mildew.  Waterproof. Tensile strength : 1120 lbs.  Safe working load 112 lbs
4 N95 Particulate Respirator 3M-brand protection against non-toxic dust and air-borne particles
4pr Gloves (Leather Palm) Heavy duty gloves to protect your hands from broken glass and debris
4 Safety Goggles CSA approved ANSI Z87.1-1989 UV Resistant tinted lenses for antiglare protection.  Polycarbonate plastic eyeware

Survival Blankets

Yellow Poly blankets to be used as ground cover in a triage, protection against the elements
2 Splint, Speed One size fits all multipurpose splint.  Easy to use, temporary immobilization without cutting off blood supply. Can be used for elbow, ankle, calf, knee.
1 Splint, Sam Made of a thin core of aluminum sandwiched between 2 layers of closed-cell foam.  Can be bent into 3 simple curves, strong and supportive for any fractured or injured limbs.  Almost any bone in the body can be splinted.  Extremely moldable and soft enough to cut with household scissors
1 Multi-blade Knife Knife, bottle opener, can opener, screwdriver, tweezers, hole punch, toothpick
1 Toilet Tissue Brand name bathroom tissue.  Safe for Sewer and Septic. Individually wrapped rolls
1 Emergency Whistle SOLAS Allows for communication during an emergency
2 Flagging Tape To mark or cordon off unsafe or off limit areas or identify areas cleared by search teams
1 Sledge Hammer Can be used to break through a wall or window.  4 lbs, 16"
1 Pry bar Can be used to force open doors and break windows
1 Locking Pliers General purpose locking 10" pliers can be used in an emergency to shut off valves and clamp off hoses
 Dimensions:  32"L x 13"W x 13"H